Sarah Hatcher

Teaches the Ashtanga Mysore Program

Sarah Hatcher grew up in Reno, Nevada USA and spent most of her youth skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Lake Tahoe. When she was seventeen, she began to practice hatha yoga to strengthen and heal her knees from competitive skiing. Five years later in 2000, she saw an Ashtanga yoga demonstration while studying at the University of Oregon, and from that point on, she began to practice Ashtanga yoga as much as she could and she has never stopped since.


Sarah began learning from Nancy Gilgoff, Christine Hoar and Randa Chehab. Her interest to study more led her to Mysore to study with Sri K Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois in 2008 and finally, to her beloved teachers David Garrigues and Dena Kingsberg. She also studies Sanskrit with David Miliotis at Ashtanga Yoga Orange County.

Sarah practised for eight years before she began to teach in the Mysore method. From 2008-2011 she founded Ashtanga Yoga Boise in Idaho, the USA where she learned how to manage, own and operate a studio and a successful Mysore programme.


From 2011-2012 Sarah moved to Philadelphia to study and assist David Garrigues, assist him with the opening of the Ashtanga Yoga School of Philadelphia, and teach while he was travelling. 

In 2012 Sarah moved to Scotland where she began a Mysore programme in Aberdeen at Love Yoga; offered workshops in Glasgow, retreats at Ecoyoga Scotland and later became the Morning Mysore Director at Meadowlark Yoga from 2014-2019. Sarah is a Senior Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. Sarah teaches workshops throughout Scotland and offers retreats at Yoga in Salento in Italy.

David Garrigues has taught Sarah the third series of practice and Sarah is currently working on the fourth series in which she is learning from both David and Dena Kingsberg. Her daily yoga sutra practice keeps her balanced and at ease to quiet the intensity of the physical practice: also motherhood requires her to have a still seated practice so chanting and meditation have become just as important as the physical practice. 


Sarah has two sons, Dashiel, born in 2014 and Calvin, born in 2019. Returning to advanced practice after two children have been more than a challenge but a rewarding discovery of self which requires investigation on and off the mat. Sarah is experienced and capable of helping mothers adapt their practices while pregnant and will guide mothers after birth in a practical post-practice to get their bodies safely back into traditional ashtanga yoga practice.


Becoming a mother has made her appreciate the practice of ashtanga yoga even more: she is grateful for Guruji's teachings for constantly making her investigate her higher self; it is through daily practise that Sarah learns how to care for others in a most sincere way and teach in this same spirit.

When Sarah isn't on her mat chanting or practising, she is playing with her sons and her husband Tim, often walking in the hills; cooking, or studying Sanskrit.

Amy Kokoszka

Teachers the Ashtanga Mysore Program and Magic Yin Montly Evenings

Amy is the founder of Rathmines Collective that began back in January 2018. 

She currently teaches the Ashtanga Mysore Program and Yin in the Hayoka Studio.

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Amy grew up on Cape Breton Island, Canada, a place with beautiful woods and forest, wild animals and waves of the Atlantic Ocean.  She was strongly influenced by her surroundings and multi-cultured community of Cape Breton including the Mi'kmaq Frist Nations People, her father's people of Poland and her mother's strong French Acadian and Irish roots. These reflect in her own spiritual life and later showed itself through her yoga practice and teaching. 


She holds a Master's Degree in Community Economic Development, a Bachelor of Arts Degree, along with holistic training and alternative practices. She credits much of her creativity and joy to a regular yoga practice. "Yoga came before all of these it has keeps me grounded through life, giving me the ability to hear myself with much more clarity."


Hatha yoga certified through Sivananda yet Asthanga yoga her became her main practice. This is where she learned to challenge her boundaries of comfort and limitations, pushing herself past her minds idea of whom she thought she was.


Amy started studing  Ashtanga yoga with Susanna Finocchi in Copenhagen Denmark in 2006 and 2007, R. Sarath Jois and  Sri K Pattabhi Jois in 2008 in Mysore and her main teacher David Garrigues out of Philadelphia since 2013. 


Her practice has evolved over the years as does the desire to delve deeper and continue to learn."What I love about yoga is that you can recreate the idea of whom you thought you were every time you step on the mat, by utilizing the body as a guide for the soul. Once the body is cleared, cleaned and centred you can hear with much greater clarity, what the soul has been trying to convey."

Amy has been teaching since 2000. She received her first  Teacher Training in classical Hatha yoga through Sivananda in Val-Morin, Canada, after living in the ashram for 6 months. She went on to study different modalities of Yoga including Ariel, Yin and her main practice Ashtanga. She believes having a spiritual practice or repetitive positive, self-reflecting daily action will keep the body clean and the mind steady so the spirit can work its way easily through this world.

Currently Amy teaches Yin Yoga and has for the last 6 years. Her studies with various teachers have given her a unique style of teaching that focuses on self-reflection, kindness, and getting honest with the self. She draws on all spiritual practices and yet feels closest to Native American practices.

Rohan Hennesy

Teaches Vinyasa Yoga

Rohan has been practicing yoga since he was fourteen and teaching for over 15 years. Initially trained in the Iyengar tradition he has moved towards Hatha flow. Rohan's teaching style balances the importance of alignment and technique with the dynamics of transitional movement. His classes are slow-paced but demanding, equally emphasizing the physical and reflective aspects of the practice.

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Regimantas Lukosius

Teaches Vinyasa Yoga

“Since as far as I can remember I was interested in everything. The world seemed such a fascinating place. So much to do, so much to explore! I have tried so many different things; from knitting to martial arts and all in between.”

Around 2012 Reg was introduced to a rising movement culture and body awareness was at the core of it. That quickly led him towards yoga. Reg’s very first Yoga class was a strong Power Yoga routine based on Rocket Yoga philosophy crossed with Ashtanga and a flavor of Pilates. He found it exhilarating!

Since then Reg has tried many different styles and approaches. He completed his RYT 200 hrs teacher training and started developing his own flow. His classes can vary from gentle Yin to really spicy power flow. But body awareness and breath are always at the core of it all.

Together with Yoga, Reg is a Whole Foods Plant Based dietitian and is very passionate about nutrition and health.

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Liz Nilsson

Teaches Hatha, Restorative, Yin and Vinyasa

Liz believes yoga is for everyone both young and old. She wishes to create an inclusive and accessible space for her students to explore their own potential unique journey. Through yoga poses, meditation and a focus on breath, Liz’s classes support you in slowing down, listening to your body as well as stepping outside your comfort zone to strengthen the body and increase flexibility.

Liz has practised yoga since her second pregnancy 22 years ago and has maintained her own committed practice over the last 10 years. Her style is a slow flowing Hatha yoga, where the asanas are held for several breaths and transition to the next position is done with a mindful intent. She completed her 200H training at the Yoga Room, Dublin in the spring of 2018 and was keen to start to share her enthusiasm for yoga immediately. As a practising artist Liz has experienced herself that yoga can help us overcome creative blockages in our mind and body, and significantly increase energy, focus and originality in our lives.

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Natalia Comple

Yin/ Yang and Yin

Nat's yoga journey started 8 years ago out of deep curiosity. In the beginning, she was focused on the physical aspect of the yoga practise but with time she understood the real meaning of yoga, the connection between body and mind. Nat went on to explore different styles of yoga over the year but after spending more time in India, where she completed her 200H training, she was drawn to the magic of Yin by a teacher she met in Varkala. She has since trained in Yin yoga, Yoga for kids, Rocket yoga and Energetic and Sacred Yoga Anatomy.  

In her class she gently  guides  you on how to surrender and embrace your edges. 

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