Sarah Hatcher is the Director of Mysore Dublin at Rathmines Collective.


Sarah grew up in Reno, Nevada USA and spent most of her youth skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Lake Tahoe. When she was seventeen, she began to practice hatha yoga to strengthen and heal her knees from competitive skiing. Five years later in 2000, she saw an Ashtanga yoga demonstration while studying at the University of Oregon, and from that point on, she began to practice Ashtanga yoga as much as she could and she has never stopped since.


Sarah began learning from Nancy Gilgoff, Christine Hoar and Randa Chehab. Her interest to study more led her to Mysore to study with Sri K Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois in 2008 and finally, to her beloved teachers David Garrigues and Dena Kingsberg. She also studies Sanskrit with David Miliotis at Ashtanga Yoga Orange County.

Sarah practised for eight years before she began to teach in the Mysore method. From 2008-2011 she founded Ashtanga Yoga Boise in Idaho, the USA where she learned how to manage, own and operate a studio and a successful Mysore programme.


From 2011-2012 Sarah moved to Philadelphia to study and assist David Garrigues, assist him with the opening of the Ashtanga Yoga School of Philadelphia, and teach while he was travelling. 

In 2012 Sarah moved to Scotland where she began a Mysore programme in Aberdeen at Love Yoga; offered workshops in Glasgow, retreats at Ecoyoga Scotland and later became the Morning Mysore Director at Meadowlark Yoga from 2014-2019. Sarah is a Senior Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. Sarah teaches workshops throughout Scotland and offers retreats at Yoga in Salento in Italy.

David Garrigues has taught Sarah the third series of practice and Sarah is currently working on the fourth series in which she is learning from both David and Dena Kingsberg. Her daily yoga sutra practice keeps her balanced and at ease to quiet the intensity of the physical practice: also motherhood requires her to have a still seated practice so chanting and meditation have become just as important as the physical practice. 


Sarah has two sons, Dashiel, born in 2014 and Calvin, born in 2019. Returning to advanced practice after two children have been more than a challenge but a rewarding discovery of self which requires investigation on and off the mat. Sarah is experienced and capable of helping mothers adapt their practices while pregnant and will guide mothers after birth in a practical post-practice to get their bodies safely back into traditional ashtanga yoga practice.


Becoming a mother has made her appreciate the practice of ashtanga yoga even more: she is grateful for Guruji's teachings for constantly making her investigate her higher self; it is through daily practise that Sarah learns how to care for others in a most sincere way and teach in this same spirit.

When Sarah isn't on her mat chanting or practising, she is playing with her sons and her husband Tim, often walking in the hills; cooking, or studying Sanskrit.


Amy is the owner of and founder of Rathmines Collective that began back in January 2018. 

She currently teaches part of the Ashtanga Mysore Program, Yin Yoga and holds a 6 week course in WOMEN~WOLVES 

View Amy's classes and workshops on the Hayoka Yoga Timetable.

Amy grew up on Cape Breton Island, Canada, a place with beautiful woods and forest, wild animals and waves of the Atlantic Ocean.  She was strongly influenced by her surroundings and multi-cultured community of Cape Breton including the Mi'kmaq Frist Nations People, her father's people of Poland and her mother's strong French Acadian and Irish roots. These reflect in her own spiritual life and later showed itself through her yoga practice and teaching. 


She holds a Master's Degree in Community Economic Development, a Bachelor of Arts Degree, along with holistic training and alternative practices. She credits much of her creativity and joy to a regular yoga practice. "Yoga came before all of these it has keeps me grounded through life, giving me the ability to hear myself with much more clarity."


Hatha yoga certified through Sivananda yet Asthanga yoga her became her main practice. This is where she learned to challenge her boundaries of comfort and limitations, pushing herself past her minds idea of whom she thought she was.

Amy finds solice in the study of WOMEN and there relationship with themselves in the world. She uses many modlites and resources to guide women back to there true nature, as Wild and Free creatures.


Amy started studing  Ashtanga yoga with Susanna Finocchi in Copenhagen Denmark in 2006 and 2007, R. Sarath Jois and  Sri K Pattabhi Jois in 2008 in Mysore and her main teacher David Garrigues out of Philadelphia since 2013. 


Her practice has evolved over the years as does the desire to delve deeper and continue to learn."What I love about yoga is that you can recreate the idea of whom you thought you were every time you step on the mat, by utilizing the body as a guide for the soul. Once the body is cleared, cleaned and centred you can hear with much greater clarity, what the soul has been trying to convey."

Amy has been teaching since 2000. She received her first  Teacher Training in classical Hatha yoga through Sivananda in Val-Morin, Canada, after living in the ashram for 6 months. She went on to study different modalities of Yoga including Ariel, Yin and her main practice Ashtanga. She believes having a spiritual practice or repetitive positive, self-reflecting daily action will keep the body clean and the mind steady so the spirit can work its way easily through this world.

Currently Amy teaches Yin Yoga, WOMEN~WOLVES and evening Mysore. Her studies with various teachers have given her a unique style of teaching that focuses on self-reflection, kindness, and getting honest with the self. She draws on all spiritual practices and yet feels closest to Native American practices.

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Principle of ADARSA: Elemental Design since 1997

Author of Elemental Feng Shui ~The Arto of Orientation


Charlyne’s life experience and ultimate drive to seek truth has lead her to various places and practices on the planet. Born on a small island in the East coast of Canada she was guided to central USA to study, the west coast to explore and onto Europe and Africa all before she was 20. She started an Interior Design degree after only one of a scholarship in Fashion and Clothing Design.  A clear and divinely guided message prompted her shift; ‘clothes will always be around but the spaces people live in are far more important’. During this time Charlyne worked summers in Yellowknife, N.W.T., taking a full year off her studies to immerse herself in the diversity of life of the Arctic. After acquiring her degree she started a position as a Facilities Programmer with the Northwest Territorial Government, a new position that she developed over the next 4 1/2 years. With no challenges left in the work and almost 10 years in the the north, Charlyne retired at the age of 30. Over the next two years she delved into the culture of Latin American & Asia. Her interest in culture anthropology as it applied to spaces and the environment, expanded. It was then that she discovered the unique and ancient art of placement; Feng Shui. Reading her first book on the subject in one sitting she felt it already a part of her worldwide view both viscerally and logically. It has been her practice, focus and study for over 27 years. Her First Nations teachings & Geomantic awakenings took her beyond the Feng Shui design realm into tantra, energy clearing, & eastern astrology. 


In 1990 Charlyne moved to the mountain town of Nelson BC to give birth to her first child Tristan(30) and later to Esperanza (26). Charlyne started her own business in 1997 and has worked and taught throughout Canada, Costa Rica, and Bali. Charlyne’s current practices include mindful walking, meditation and yoga which she began at the age of 16. Having a powerful yoga teacher and mentor for years, she took her practice on the road to live it, not just do it. She and her then husband Pietro and their children, now aged 7 and 11, took a two year, life altering journey. The first year of the adventure entailed driving from Nelson, BC to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia for the winter. They continued the drive which completed a circle of US portion of ‘Turtle Island’; what the First Nations peoples call North America. They arrived in Seattle in late spring after stops in Flordia, New Mexico and California. They flew from the Pacific North West to Mallorca in the Balearic Islands of Spain so Charlyne could finish her Feng Shui Consultant Diploma with Qi-Mag International, an institue started by Feng Shui & Geomantic Grandmaster Dr. Jes Lim. Retuning to Canada briefly they continued their journey in a loaded Safari van which took them thru Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, arriving at their land in Costa Rica for a prolonged stay. Charlyne met, worked and taught a group of Architects and Landscape architects in San Jose duding her time there and has worked with clients there since. 


The last nine years has seen Charlyne again on the road, this time as a professed ‘wind water’ gypsy. She teaches, writes and works with clients all over while house sitting in various locations. In 2016 Charlyne, at the age of 60 she intentionally joined a well known dating site as a 3 year experiment. Her intention was to explore her personal sexual autonomy as an older woman. Amazed at the empowerment she gained and guided by friends who were skilled as Tantrica’s’, she soon discovered her gift as Tantric Healer. Leaving that journey coincided with her desire to build community to share and empower others with her knowledge. 


Charlyne released her first book in August of 2018, and is currently developing a series of online courses that range from Nine Star Ki Astrology and Energizing Spaces for Resale to teaching Feng Shui  & Feng Shui Design for various user groups. 

This is the link to her publication which is offered as an Ebook, or in soft or hard cover versions.


M. Charlyne Chiasson BID DFS
ADARSA: Elemental Design


Lindsay Kokoska-Braro (Visual Artist and Yoga Teacher) is the  Founder of Infinite Mantra. Her is etherical and can be described as "art as meditation" in and of itself. She offers healing not just through her art but her yoga teachings.

Lindsay’s first deep emersion into yoga was in 2000. She began to feel the transformation of yoga and the profound effect it had on her life. Yoga inspired her to share this gift with others. Her journey has taken her around the world, she has studied, trained, and taught in the Bahamas, India, Bali, South Korea, Thailand, Bahrain, and Morocco.


Lindsay is a 500hr certified yoga teacher, an integrated movement and yoga therapist. With numerous workshops, immersions, and studies as part of her teaching tools. Lindsay is also certified in Pilates mat/reformer and barre. Lindsay is an inspirational art teacher, and artist, graphic artist, and mother.

Lindsay has studied various lineages such as Sivananda, Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Rocket Yoga, modern vinyasa flow, and Yin. She is also a devoted yoga student and believes that yoga is a lifelong learning path. Lindsay believes the mind, body, soul connection is a sacred one, that should be nurtured and inspired.

Lindsay's teachings are uplifting, safe, and allow students to explore and grow within their own body and consciousness. She teachers from her heart and this is felt in all her classes and workshops. 

Hilary Harvey

Hilary Harvey is the co-founder, with her husband Tim Harvey of The Yoga Barn, Kilkenny. They have spent the last 16 years building and creating a beautiful oasis and retreat center. Recently they completed a bigger YOGA BARN to allow space for more students. This spacious Barn overlooks the rolling hills and the labreth Tim and Hilary created over the years.


Hilary Teaches

Shiva Flow - Yoga Nidra - Wim Hof - Strength Building Yoga

Hilary Harvey started as a self-taught yogi 25 years ago which led her to her first immersive and teaching training in 2005. Together with her husband Tim they have created a yoga retreat/sanctuary in rural south Kilkenny Ireland. 


With a background in Ashtanga and vinyasa flow, her classes incorporate specific modalities such as Wim Hof breathing, lymphatic work, and mobility practices.


She is gentle and inspirational which is reflected in her teachings. She is living her yoga in her community, hosting renowned day retreats and evening sessions of yoga Nidra and deep rest. Hilary continues to study with her teachers. 

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Sara Makdessi founder of Sara Makessi Illustration Animation Design brings light to all her work. She is peaceful and inspirational you can see this in her work as a Visual Artist and a Yoga Teacher. 

Sara Teaches

Teaches Hatha, Restorative and Vinyasa Yoga

For Sara, yoga is a tool to explore, feel and connect. When teaching yoga Sara likes to guide people into a journey of physical and emotional sensations. Mixing her knowledge of anatomy and visual art skills, Sara’s cues are precise, detailed and full of images, while keeping a playful flow.

Practicing yoga since 2010 with teachers in Lebanon, Germany and Ireland, Sara brings a mix of styles into the practice inspired by ashtanga, vinyasa, iyengar, yin, buddhist meditation and also jazz dance and functional movement.

Sara’s practice and teaching methods are highly influenced by her teachers: Mareike Thies, Greg Walsh, Rohan Hennessey and Elena Moreo.

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