COVID - 19

COVID 19 Protocol for Morning Mysore and Yoga Classes updated Dec. 2020  


● Please respect all COVID governmental guidelines and do not come to

practice if you are unwell.

● Pre-booking online is required for all classes.

● All late cancellations will be waived; please do not come if you are unwell.

● No hands-on adjustments will be offered at this time.

● The teacher will be wearing a mask.

● The teacher will not touch your mat or your props.

● Please bring your own mat, towel, props if you use them, there are no mats to

use or props available at the shala.

● Please use the hand sanitizer provided at the base of the stairs when you

enter the building and go directly to the restroom to wash your hands.

● Please use hand sanitizer just outside the door of the shala before entering/exiting

the shala.

● Wear your mask throughout the building and only take it off when you have

arrived on your mat.

● Do not leave your mat unless you are going to the restroom.

● Please arrive on time for class and finish your practice by 8 am (early slot) or

9:15 (late slot).

● If arriving at same time as other students, please come up the stairs one at a


● Maintain social distancing throughout the building including with the teacher.

COVID - 19  Regulations  for Therapist and Practitioners


Please note our booking information has changed due to the COVID -19. After a review of regulations and for the safety of all persons entering into Rathmines Collective the following procedures must be in adhered to.


  • All clients must be screened before entering the building. If they have been in contact with someone who has been ill or has been ill themselves with COVID they are not allowed into the building.

  •  All client’s temperatures must be checked upon entry into the building, this is the responsibility of the participant taking the room.

  • All clients must adhere to the distancing policies as per there suggested guidelines of the governing body that they work with.

  • All clients must wear masks.

  • All items that have been touched in the room, such as light switches, bathroom doors, benches and such must be disinfected and garbage disposed of.

  • The bathroom seat needs to be wiped down as well as the sink.

  • Upon entering the building and leaving the building all lockboxes, door pad codes, and lock doors must be wiped down. 

  • Please refer to all official government bodies before proceeding with bookings. 


Your participation and adherence to these guidelines is crucial and must be adhered to. Please note that we are not held responsible for not following these guidelines. 

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in make the running of Rathmines Collective possible.