Mysore Dublin Program

Hayoka Studio

As of September 1st, we are currently teaching ONLINE and In-House.

Please choose the package that works for you from the selection of classes provided.

What is Mysore?

Mysore-style of ashtanga yoga is the traditional form of ashtanga yoga practice. Students are individually taught specific and detailed instruction at their own pace with the guidance of a teacher. It is 1:1 instruction in a group environment as other students are also practising at their own pace and level.

Students receive verbal instruction as well as adjustments in postures; occasionally a student will use a prop or extra support such as blocks or blankets, however, most likely students only need a mat and a keen enthusiasm to begin.

At Hayoka, we offer a large window of time to practice: students can come as early as 6:30 (Mon-Thursday) to learn. Students new to ashtanga, please plan to practice for one hour in the beginning. Seasoned practitioners may begin their practices when the doors open (6 am (Mon-Thursday; 8 am on Sunday).

The etiquette of Mysore style is to arrive having bathed, free of scented perfume and wearing comfortable clothing. No water bottles are allowed in the studio during practice. The room is a meditative space so please do not bring any phones into the room and finish up all conversations before entering.

Full and new moon days are observed as days off of practice so there will not be instruction on these days.

Friday’s are guided traditional Sanskrit counted Led Primary Series and are not suitable for beginners. The teacher will invite students to join this class when the student is capable of participating.

It is suggested that women do not practice on the first four days of their period. This is called “ladies holiday” so please plan to stay at home during this time.

Plan to discuss any injuries with the teacher; if you are pregnant please do not begin ashtanga vinyasa yoga at this time, however pregnant mammas are welcome into the Mysore room if they have had an established practise before pregnancy.

Mysore style of yoga offers students opportunities to move forward in their practices and refine their current practices. Mysore teachers encourage self-enquiry (svadhyaya), and research; often supplemental instruction is taught to understand the method. Each student is different so the method is explained so each understands.


Please attend the Beginner's workshop held twice monthly. Alternatively, you can begin by arriving at 8 am to finish your practice at 9 am. 

Mysore style is the melting pot for yogic transformation: students learn how to correctly breath (ujjayi pranayama), bandha (internal locks), vinyasa (movement and breath system), Drishti (gazing point for focus and alignment) and dhyana (meditation). These allies bring the student more aware of themselves and their actions, and ultimately, their truest selves.

The Hayoka Mysore programme offers a drop-in option to come practice as well as a 3 day/week pass and a 6-day/week pass. This dedication gives the students the greatest opportunity for yogic change: with disciplined practice yoga becomes practical and achievable. We also offer a one-off week rate for out-of-town guests.

All are welcome.


€20 - Mysore/Led Class Drop-in

€12 - ONLINE Drop-in

€108 - 3 Days a Week

€77 - 3 Days a Week ONLINE

€ 140 - Unlimited Monthly

€ 108 - Unlimited Monthly ONLINE

What is Primary- Led Class?

Led primary series class on Friday morning is the final class of the Mysore-practice week. Students are guided in the primary series sequence of postures with a Sanskrit count. The monthly Mysore pass includes this Friday led class as a part of the six-day a week practice pass. Beginners are invited to come once proficient through to Marichyasan B.

Drops-ins are welcome.

Who teaches Mysore?

Sarah Hatcher will be leading the Mysore program and Amy Kokoszka will be assisting her with the Mysore program. See thier bios in Hayoka Studio Teachers.


Sarah Hatcher

Director of Mysore Dublin

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